Option 4 Alliance Bridge

Photomontage of Option 4 (Bay View from Tseung Kwan O Town Centre South)

Photomontage of Option 4 (Night View from Tseung Kwan O Town Centre South)

Photomontage of Option 4 (Dusk View from Tiu Keng Leng towards East)

Photomontage of Option 4 (View Looking East on the Road Carriage)

Option 4 - Alliance Bridge

The four short pillar-like towers give the image of strength, which when coupled with the cables appear like four companions, linking hands to support the bridge. The concept of people linking hands symbolizes how by working together and through great friendships, residents can build Tseung Kwan O into a great place. The low profile nature of the towers, gives the Alliance Bridge its elegant and simple impression that appears as a seamless addition across the bay.

The main aesthetic feature of the Alliance Bridge is the four short towers, which are more pillar-like in nature. Pillars have a strong symbolic significance either as a sign of strength or as support. Strength and support are characteristics of good relationships and collaboration. Therefore, the symbolic gesture of four people linking hands is homage to the togetherness and spirit of the local people of TKO. It is this sense of working together that has given the bridge name - Alliance. The bridge has a real sense of rhythm from the repeated pattern of the towers. The shorter tower arrangement means that the structure is less intrusive on the landscape. The bridge doesn't try to compete with mountains but is rather a simple embellishment to the overall appearance of Junk Bay and the surrounding mountain side.

The Alliance Bridge has three 160m main spans, which creates two one-way navigation channels for the safe passage of ships into and out of the bay. The deck is 36m wide and supports a two-lane highway carriageway, a cycleway and a footway. The towers are about 60m above sea level, which reduce the overall scale of the bridge and are also the lowest amongst six options. The towers are located between the two highway carriageway corridors and the cycleway/footway corridor will be designed as a structural extension of the east-bound highway carriageway.

The technical term for the Alliance Bridge is an extradosed bridge which is a hybrid form of cable-stayed and traditional box girder bridges. Although in appearance it is a cable stayed bridge with short towers, extradosed bridges are in fact an extension of the concrete viaduct form that is a familiar sight in Hong Kong. Cables inside the deck of concrete bridges are used to help support them. When the bridge spans get longer these internal cables come out of the bridge and are supported on a short tower to increase the strength of the bridge. This is where the term extradosed comes from - the French term to mean out of the back of. Option 4 will have a concrete tower due to the ability of this material to resist the high compression forces.

The Alliance Bridge is a vision of cooperation in a subtle, yet elegant and rhythmic form.


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